XML debatching in Oracle ESB


In a SOA system both batching and debatching of messages are useful concepts, depending on the overall architecture. Batching of messages is one way of achieving asynchronous communication, but asynchronous communication can easily be achieved without batching.
Batching can be used for high-volume data processing, to utilize resources, and to support typical bulk operations.

XML debatching

XML files containing multiple messages could be debatched to process messages separately. The debatching of XML files are supported by Oracle SOA suite -> ESB -> FTP adapter.
To activate the de-batching behaviour of the adapter, you have to add the “PublishSize” attribute to the jca:operation tag in the adapter’s wsdl

PublishSize as part of ftp adapter wsdl

PublishSize as part of ftp adapter wsdl

Configure debatching in the JDeveloper FTP adapter wizard

Configure debatching in the JDeveloper FTP adapter wizard

But trying this out we got the following error:

Payload Record Element is not DOM source.

The feature of debatching XML files is added to SOA suite patchset. technotes
XML debatching is not supported out of the box. Some additional configuration needs to be done, to add StAX support.


Streaming API for XML, StaX, is an API for reading and writing XML Documents. (specified in JSR-173). The stream-based parser browses the XML file instead of reading the whole DOM into memory. Introduced in Java 6.0, often better choice than SAX and DOM.
For examples, go to Lars Vogel’s blog.

Setting up XML debatching requires you to download and configure the XML pull-parsing library (StaX). But the technotes refer to invalid URL’s.

All the steps are listed in “XML Debatching” section from 10133technotes
Remember, you must also add the jars in server.xml and set “PublishSize” in adapter WSDL.

Oracle metalink (Where to Find jsr173_1.0_api.jar and jsr173_1.0_ri.jar Needed for XML Debatching ? [ID 736703.1] ) states that the jars can be found in jsr173.jar file from http://ftpna2.bea.com/pub/downloads/jsr173.jar. But this is not working either.

In general, if you are looking for a jar-file, and cannot find it in central maven repository, go and have a look here jar catalog
Here they are:

There are several jsr173 implementations around, and Sun has included one in java6. The BEA reference implementation (1.0) is really outdated, but to make sure you do not break Oracle support policies, please follow Oracle procedures.

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