OWSM – changing gateway.repository.password

When the DBA changed the passwords of the orawsm schema user, the OWSM gateway was not able to connect anymore.

The procedure for updating owsm connect password is:

  1. edit the gateway-config-installer.properties to reflect the new password in cleartext.
  2. execute./wsmadmin.sh encodePasswords ../config/gateway/gateway-config-installer.properties gateway.repository.password
  3. now redeploy the gateway to load the new password: ./wsmadmin.sh deploy gateway
  4. restart gateway

If you get this error message:
scripts/oc4j.xml:15: Unable to locate a valid OC4J URI. The server is probably down
make sure you type correct oc4jadmin password.

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    • John
    • November 18th, 2010

    From Oracle documentation, on how to change administration password after installing OWSM:

    Applies to:
    Oracle Web Services Manager – Version:
    Information in this document applies to any platform.
    How to change the administration password after installing OWSM?

    1. Edit the file $ORACLE_HOME/owsm/bin/manageUserGroups.properties
    2. Edit the properties:

    group_desc=Password Assignment

    3. Execute the command:

    wsmadmin.sh manageUserGroups addUser

    4. Update the admin password in SQL*Plus:

    update users
    set user_password = (select user_password from users where userid = ‘newadmin’) where userid =’admin’;

    5. Execute the command:

    wsmadmin.sh manageUserGroups deleteUser

    6. Edit the file $ORACLE_HOME/owsm/bin/manageUserGroups.properties
    7. Remove the properties added above.

    • John
    • November 18th, 2010

    And, if you would like to enable SSO:

    When SOA Suite is installed with Advanced installation option, OWSM console does not use the ‘oc4jadmin’ user. Instead, OWSM uses its own container for authentication, hence use the username/password of ‘admin/oracle’ to log into OWSM.

    JSSO is not automatically deployed in an advanced installation. Hence JSSO will not work until manual deployment is done. After a manual redeployment of JSSO the ‘oc4jadmin’ username will work for OWSM login.

    1) Use the username/password combination of ‘admin/oracle’ to login into OWSM console before deploying JSSO.

    To Deploy JSSO
    1) In the install.properties file change the value of install.sso.support parameter from false to true.
    2) Run the command “$OAS\owsm\bin\wsmadmin deploy all.
    3) Login to EM console.
    4) Select “Java SSO Configuration” in the “Administration” section at the bottom of the page ( Main page that shows the Components like Http server, OC4J Containers).
    5) Click on “Participating Applications” tab.
    6) Select all application to “Java SSO Enabled” .
    7) Click “Apply” and then “Restart”.
    8) Redeploy the OWSM console application as it needs to be redeployed for JSSO activation.
    Command is wsmadmin deploy oc4jadmin password control

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