SOA Suite ESB console > Instances

When working on SOA suite and looking at ESB instances instances console the default number of instances shown are 100.
Message at the top of Instances pane would be: “Search returned more than 100 instances, please modify your search criteria”

It is possible to specify search criteria , but only to increase the window from now and backwards meaning the limitation of 100 instances will still be a problem if you are looking for historical instance number 101 or above.
This limitation is controlled by parameter MaxInstanceCount in table ORAESB.ESB_PARAMETER.

insert into oraesb.esb_parameter(PARAM_NAME, PARAM_VALUE) VALUES ('MaxInstanceCount', '1000');

By increasing the MaxInstanceCount=1000 you will be able to view instances from a wider timespan also in ESB instances console.

If going beyond 1000, let’s say 10000, you might run into a db limitation:
Caused by: oracle.tip.esb.monitor.MonitorException: Could not retrieve the messages due to the error : ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000

Another option would of course be to execute sql in database directly. The instances are stored in table ORAESB.ESB_ACTIVITY.

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