About Geir Willy Rogde

Geir Willy Rogde

Geir Willy Rogde

I am working as a SOA solutions architect, have been working in this area for the last 13 years.
Bringing concept and idea into product and solution.

Experienced with process methodologies Scrum combined with Agile, and RUP.
figure: http://scrummaster.no/

figure: http://www.colfelt.com/thevanityexperiment
figure http://www.methodsandtools.com/

figure: from http://scrummaster.no/?p=16

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    • Geir
    • January 24th, 2010

    the simple lean agile principles (slap)

    1. do not produce more than is required, manage the requirements
    2. avoid unnecessary transport of information
    3. remove stuff that is not adding value
    4. automate test, build and deployment tasks
    5. reduce complexity, limit tools and platforms to strictly needed
    6. do not produce defects (it’s that easy)
    7. limit dependencies

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